3 continents in 40 days and here’s what I learned

I’m back on the blog so ciao to all of you! In the past few months since I fell off the grid, I’ve been busy teaching English at a private school here in Florence, perfected the 4:38 bike commute, and also just finished a massive trip around the world.

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My Mission: Self-Love and Compassion

I admit that I am not organized or all that disciplined. My focus tends to last as long as my carbohydrate supply (somebody had panettone for dinner not naming names). I can be impulsive and irritable. I am feisty and scatter-brained and clumsy. And that’s okay.

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2014 In Review

2014 was spectacular! After visiting my family in Hawaii for Christmas, I flew back to Seoul where I celebrated the new year in Hongdae with fireworks, dancing, and friends. I celebrated Buddha’s birthday in Busan and spent the summer biking the Han river, and wandering the streets of Seoul. At summer’s end, I said tearful […]

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