5 Things I do that Piss off the Italians

I generally try really hard to “blend in” culturally. Yes, I have pale skin and green eyes, but what I lack in swarthiness I gain back in frizzy hair so I can generally pass for just another Italian at a quick glance. I am a proponent for respecting all cultures, but there are some behaviors of mine I just can’t seem to let go of that really bother my beloved Italians. Scusa! Sorry, not so very sorry!

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mondays + culture shock

There are so many days when I feel like shit in Italy. I classically spill the coffee as Iโ€™m pouring it out of the Moka pot–how the heck do you get it all to just go in the little baby mug?! I go for a run in my neighborhood and have to withstand stares and […]

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Expat vs Immigrant

9 november, 2016 -the world I had previously refused to imagine is here. The news that Donald Trump was to be the 45th President of the United States hit me with a force. My new Italian husband could only hug me through my tears and try to tell me to try not to care so […]

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