When culture shock starts to get easier

The bell just rang and the birds are singing spring. I also just helped a bee escape my apartment without losing my cool, so come at me world! What a difference a few months makes! I had heard that months 9-18 are ROUGH for expats. I’ve since realized I was living that and wasn’t aware of it.

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Expat vs Immigrant

9 november, 2016 -the world I had previously refused to imagine is here. The news that Donald Trump was to be the 45th President of the United States hit me with a force. My new Italian husband could only hug me through my tears and try to tell me to try not to care so […]

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one way ticket

The countdown is officially on for the next adventure, and boy can I tell you this is a big one. To catch you up on the latest, in the last couple months I taught a beginners Italian class and my Italian fidanzato came and visited for a couple of weeks in May! (Google it my […]

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2014 In Review

2014 was spectacular! After visiting my family in Hawaii for Christmas, I flew back to Seoul where I celebrated the new year in Hongdae with fireworks, dancing, and friends. I celebrated Buddha’s birthday in Busan and spent the summer biking the Han river, and wandering the streets of Seoul. At summer’s end, I said tearful […]

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The Resume of Real Life: Why Traveling is the Most Valuable Part of Your Resume (Guru: Christine Crews)

Originally posted on The Study Abroad Guru:
Living and traveling abroad will inevitably teach you various invaluable life lessons. You learn how to avoid the doorman who keeps catching you throwing your trash in the incorrect bin because you can’t read the sign. You learn that navigating the transit system of a bustling Asian metropolis…

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Liebster Blogger Award Nomination!

Unsavvy Travels has been nominated for the Liebster Award! Coming up on about one year of blogging, I’m thrilled at the support of new followers and fellow bloggers. Big thanks to The Gastro Globetrotter @gastro_trotter for the nomination for the Liebster Award, which recognizes new bloggers and is a great way to help promote other blogs! […]

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