Seoul, How Safe Thou Art

When I first told people I was moving to Korea, one of the first inquiries was how safe I was going to be, you know, since I was going to be so close to North Korea. Sigh. While I’m no expert and I am never as informed as I’d like to be on world news, […]

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The Challenge of Change

  As the months tick by and it seems like time is evaporating out from under us, my reflections are starting to feel more profound at times and my thoughts are scattering like leaves thrown around by a leaf blower. I’m starting to really freak out about the uncertainty of the future and about the […]

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Perception vs. Reality

One of the more unpleasant subtleties of Korean culture that I have experienced that has been hitting my radar lately has been the difference between what is perceived and what is really happening. From what I have experienced in Korea, I have noticed that a huge amount of stress is placed on perceptions. This manifests […]

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A Few Stories for your Friday…

  DISCLAIMER: this post could offend. I want to clarify, I do not hate Korea or Koreans and the events described are meant to be seen for their comical side and not to further stereotypes or ethnocentrism. These events are isolated and are only my personal descriptions of my experiences, they do not classify all […]

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