The New “American Dream” ?

“Let’s drink to the pursuit of the new American dream—getting the f***out of America,” Thomas B. Kohnstamm from his book Do Travel Writers Go to Hell? Woosh. Anybody who has known me for more than 5 minutes knows how much I dream about getting out of N.Amer, but that statement is as harsh as a […]

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Perception vs. Reality

One of the more unpleasant subtleties of Korean culture that I have experienced that has been hitting my radar lately has been the difference between what is perceived and what is really happening. From what I have experienced in Korea, I have noticed that a huge amount of stress is placed on perceptions. This manifests […]

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I can’t tell you why

I can’t tell you why you should or shouldn’t teach in Korea. Just as I cannot tell you everyone should go to college or study abroad in college, I cannot say that someone who isn’t traveling isn’t “truly experiencing life”. In our own ways, we are all living life and our experiences are all anomalies […]

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A Few Stories for your Friday…

  DISCLAIMER: this post could offend. I want to clarify, I do not hate Korea or Koreans and the events described are meant to be seen for their comical side and not to further stereotypes or ethnocentrism. These events are isolated and are only my personal descriptions of my experiences, they do not classify all […]

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