I can’t tell you why

I can’t tell you why you should or shouldn’t teach in Korea. Just as I cannot tell you everyone should go to college or study abroad in college, I cannot say that someone who isn’t traveling isn’t “truly experiencing life”. In our own ways, we are all living life and our experiences are all anomalies […]

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The report cards I would write

Today marks the last day of my first semester teaching English in Korea. It’s hard to believe it will be my last day with some of the sweetest, orneriest, and fascinating little humans. My Deer class will forever have a place in my heart as the little stinkers that never gave up asking me how […]

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Patience for the Learner

Sometimes it is so incredibly easy to forget to be patient. I don’t generally consider patience a particular talent of mine, and I’m quite certain that if you asked a selection of my students, they would confirm it heartily. At the end of a long day, I often feel like there wasn’t enough time to […]

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Dongdaemun Explorations

When you get to a place in life, be it physical or not, where words are not a good enough reaction; where social media and photos could not possibly adequately encapsulate the moment in all of its shining detail. When every intensifier of language falls short of expressing the gravity of what is real to […]

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A Few Stories for your Friday…

  DISCLAIMER: this post could offend. I want to clarify, I do not hate Korea or Koreans and the events described are meant to be seen for their comical side and not to further stereotypes or ethnocentrism. These events are isolated and are only my personal descriptions of my experiences, they do not classify all […]

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Attitude Study

Attitude can change everything.  In adversity, it is the hardest thing to retain. When I first started planning for Korea, all that occupied my mind–besides the epic logistical and bureaucratic hooplah–were positive thoughts about my tentative future. I dreamed of how I would become such an amazing teacher and how all of my well-behaved, angelic students […]

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