Reflections on 2015

What a year! I turned 26 this year, so that’s wild! Another year older, another year over. When I think about new years, I like to think about future old lady Christine. What stories will she gather in the next year to tell when she’s all wrinkly and deaf and her crazy curly hair has all […]

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everybody has a different path

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the in-between periods of life. A lot of people around my age are going through times of major transition from new marriages to starting families. Others are moving to new cities, starting new jobs or graduate programs and are really making noticeably adult-sized moves in the game of life. […]

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The New “American Dream” ?

“Let’s drink to the pursuit of the new American dream—getting the f***out of America,” Thomas B. Kohnstamm from his book Do Travel Writers Go to Hell? Woosh. Anybody who has known me for more than 5 minutes knows how much I dream about getting out of N.Amer, but that statement is as harsh as a […]

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Keep on Dreaming

So 2015 is well on it’s way, January is almost over. Can you believe it? Maybe you had some ideas and goals at the beginning of the month that seem impossible today. Maybe you worked hard for something and it didn’t happen for you. I know things for me seem wildly different today than they […]

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LIFE is the Adventure!

This is my first Autumn back in the United States in a few years. I love this season as much as the next person for various reasons- although I can’t express how ridiculously overrated I think pumpkin spice lattes are. I’ve only been back a few weeks, but the reverse culture shock has been more […]

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What’s Next? After Korea…

With mere single digit weeks left in Korea, my friends and I are entering a full-on frenzied state of planning: planning travel, planning our futures, and just plain planning. Collectively, we’ve spent countless hours scouring Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia on a Shoestring, scrolling through Trip Advisor reviews, writing and revising packing lists and despite all […]

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The Challenge of Change

  As the months tick by and it seems like time is evaporating out from under us, my reflections are starting to feel more profound at times and my thoughts are scattering like leaves thrown around by a leaf blower. I’m starting to really freak out about the uncertainty of the future and about the […]

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Perception vs. Reality

One of the more unpleasant subtleties of Korean culture that I have experienced that has been hitting my radar lately has been the difference between what is perceived and what is really happening. From what I have experienced in Korea, I have noticed that a huge amount of stress is placed on perceptions. This manifests […]

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