How to Talk About Donald Trump in Italy

Well, sweet friends, it’s official. Today, the 20th of January in the year 2017, the United States of America inaugurated Donald J. Trump as their 45th President.

While the extent of DJT’s foreign policy thus far seems incredibly divisive, what with the wall talk and such, I’m still going to try and keep the calm. Team Trump established their official slogan “America first” and asserted that “America will start winning again.” I can’t put those words in a context that tranquillizes them.

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My Mission: Self-Love and Compassion

I admit that I am not organized or all that disciplined. My focus tends to last as long as my carbohydrate supply (somebody had panettone for dinner not naming names). I can be impulsive and irritable. I am feisty and scatter-brained and clumsy. And that’s okay.

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2016: Best // Worst

Hey 2016, I see you there, all beat up, bruised, and despised. WHAT a year. I think we are all ready to move on from this shameover of a year. Here are some of my highlights- humorous and (semi)-serious.

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mondays + culture shock

There are so many days when I feel like shit in Italy. I classically spill the coffee as I’m pouring it out of the Moka pot–how the heck do you get it all to just go in the little baby mug?! I go for a run in my neighborhood and have to withstand stares and […]

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Expat vs Immigrant

9 november, 2016 -the world I had previously refused to imagine is here. The news that Donald Trump was to be the 45th President of the United States hit me with a force. My new Italian husband could only hug me through my tears and try to tell me to try not to care so […]

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one way ticket

The countdown is officially on for the next adventure, and boy can I tell you this is a big one. To catch you up on the latest, in the last couple months I taught a beginners Italian class and my Italian fidanzato came and visited for a couple of weeks in May! (Google it my […]

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Reflections on 2015

What a year! I turned 26 this year, so that’s wild! Another year older, another year over. When I think about new years, I like to think about future old lady Christine. What stories will she gather in the next year to tell when she’s all wrinkly and deaf and her crazy curly hair has all […]

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everybody has a different path

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the in-between periods of life. A lot of people around my age are going through times of major transition from new marriages to starting families. Others are moving to new cities, starting new jobs or graduate programs and are really making noticeably adult-sized moves in the game of life. […]

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