3 continents in 40 days and here’s what I learned

I’m back on the blog so ciao to all of you! In the past few months since I fell off the grid, I’ve been busy teaching English at a private school here in Florence, perfected the 4:38 bike commute, and also just finished a massive trip around the world. The goal was to do as much as possible as quickly as possible for as cheap as possible (sounds familiar, yeah?)

Not your typical RTW trip, I went to North Carolina to visit family and friends, came back to Italy and then my husband and I went to Singapore, Bali and then Lombok on a sort of delayed honeymoon trip. Finally, France with a dear friend. This was his very first adventure in Asia and let’s just say I’m already working on perfecting my Nasi Goreng recipe (Indonesian fried rice). Updates on my opinions of Asia: what a beautifully, spicy, chaotic place! I never feel like such a small part of the human race as when I feel completely different from my surroundings and Asia has always fostered that feeling for me. It was good to feel it again. By the way, I can hardly believe it’s been 4 years since I wrote Signs You’ve Been Living in Seoul Too Long – unreal.

Travelling with your Italian husband is a full-length novel I have yet to embark on writing and also a real lesson in loving each other. With every menu I translated and every rented scooter he drove, we fell in love with new parts of the world together. It wasn’t all paradise though– we also watched geckos and giant jungle spiders battle it out every night in our Airbnb in Bali. Later we found out the hand-sized spiders lived in the tribal mask wall decoration. SO yeah that was as horrific as it sounds.

The day we arrived back in Italy, one of my dearest friends from L.A. arrived in Rome and then met me in Florence. With the help of Lactaid and more than a couple of bottles of vino, we ate our way through Florence and struggled up the first of many spiral staircases to climb the bell tower. Oh, the many towers we would climb.

The final stop on my world tour was a necessary Parisian adventure. To anyone that will ever try and convince you otherwise, Paris is simply perfect. My comically absent French led me to accidentally ordering a cheese plate for breakfast (best mistake one could make). From then on, I just decided to roll with it and in a combination of Italian, English, gestures, and French, I made myself understood! What liberty to not care about making mistakes or perfectly pronouncing phrases. As enamoured as I am with France, the trip was still a sneaky way of life telling me I really do have things pretty good here in Italy. Fluently speaking the language improves my quality of life in ways I’ve come to stop appreciating. Still a handy skill.

A truly lovely time in gloomy Autumn Paris inevitably induces impulse brie buying in the duty free store in the Orly airport. I’m reluctantly weaning myself off of my cheese diet and still dreaming about those crispy croissants. Finally back in Florence, my backpack is unpacked, my fitbit is on, I’ve started running again, my legs are sore and I’m officially back to work. I’m totally feeling refreshed and inspired to be fully myself. I’m dreaming up ways to change up the blog but it’s all still in the idea bank. Always open to any suggestions and collaboration, write me friends!

p.s. August 26 started my second year of full-time life in Italy! Cheers

One thought on “3 continents in 40 days and here’s what I learned

  1. I love every part of your blog. It always comes from your heart and is easily read. I have admired people that come to the US and assimilate. You have done this with your beloved Italy (Florence). Not an easy thing to do but to manage to share your heart and soul in each blog.

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