How to Talk About Donald Trump in Italy

djt inauguratoin.jpg

Well, sweet friends, it’s official. Today, the 20th of January in the year 2017, the United States of America inaugurated Donald J. Trump as their 45th President
While the extent of DJT’s foreign policy thus far seems incredibly divisive, what with the wall talk and such, I’m still going to try and keep the calm. Team Trump established their official slogan “America first” and asserted that “America will start winning again.” I can’t put those words in a context that tranquillizes them. And while it was a classic tendency of Americans to freak out over election results and threaten to move to Canada, I think we all should take a breath and reflect on how we can realistically move forward
America is greater than the sum of its people because of the diversity of its people.
Trump mentioned building new roads and highways and railroads and bridges in some kind of New Dealy sort of promise of new jobs for middle-class Americans. Last I checked, most middle-class Americans don’t need new highways, we could, however, use a President that at the very least, doesn’t brag about violating women’s boundaries. I think the intelligent among us can agree that talks about keeping America only for America, “buy American and hire American,” will most likely result in increased trade difficulty with the rest of our peaceful allies and neighbouring countries.  
What does all this mean for Italy and American expats living here? Well, the void left by the resignation of Matteo Renzi has left the country on pause and vulnerable politically. Dissatisfaction at the European Union is increasing and deglobalization is a trending topic of discussion. I want to hope that Italy remains largely unaffected by DJT, but I have already seen a news headline that warned that travelling to the US would likely become harder during the next couple of years for Europeans. Speculation? Alarmist? Maybe. Chi vivra’ vedra’ // Time will tell. 
Some have commented that Renzi’s open support for Hillary Clinton prior to the election was a tactical error. Not to mention the Pope’s take on Trump, commenting that building a wall aimed at keeping immigrants out of the US made him “not a true Christian”. Meanwhile, Trump mentioned G.O.D. in his inauguration speech and was brought into office with an excessive variety of prayers that sounded more like “have mercy on me dear Lord for speaking at this event.” 
We need to talk about what is difficult to talk about. We need to represent a better America. We are better than that. The America being plastered on the news screens across the globe is not us. This is the greatest hoax of sensational populism the modern world has ever seen. I will be participating in the worldwide women’s march tomorrow afternoon here in Florence. I fundamentally disagree with my nation’s President and I’m here to dialogue about it.  

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