My Mission: Self-Love and Compassion

I believe in living a curious, healthy, and kind life. 

My immediate road may be riddled with bureaucracy, linguistic misunderstandings and general complications, but the future is bubbly and bright. Ok so I admit I’m hoping my future is filled with more Prosecco, but aside from that detail–I will not sit idly by, smartphone in hand, and get swept away by my favorite distractions.

I admit that I am not organized or all that disciplined. My focus tends to last as long as my carbohydrate supply (somebody had panettone for dinner not naming names). I can be impulsive and irritable. I am feisty and scatter-brained and clumsy. And that’s okay.

I want the people in my life, those who matter, to see a big-hearted, incessantly curious, adventurous risk-taker. But I need to be okay with the fact that not everyone will see these things in me. The people who are important are those who love me for me (and who love you for you). And I need to be okay with the fact that I am far from perfect and that there is quiet courage in continuing to try my best to improve myself with unfailing optimism.

And I want to live actively. I want nothing more than to be fully awake for every exhilarating second of this short life. Except for days that were meant for staying in bed and drinking coffee until 4 pm. I want to live and love and just be excited to get up every morning to do what I need to do in this world. I want to truly exist–in a genuine way and stand by it without being limited. I want to discover the limits to my curiosity to learn and I want to surpass my expectations for myself.

But beyond all of this, I want to love myself openly. Because I need to love myself for everything that I am before I can love anything else.

My sweet friends, may your January be filled with auspicious moments of self-love and inspiration. Prosecco and panettone help, so I’ve heard.

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