who we are

This one goes out to all my travel pals -even if we only know each other from that one night in that hostel, know that wherever you are in the world, I think you’re an incredible human. Keep seeing more of this great planet and keep making friends and loving life and if we get the chance to see each other again sometime somewhere, the first round is on me!

WE are travelers.

We are seekers of the lost, the found, and the less traveled paths.

We are greedy.

We ask the impossible of the world and we don’t apologize.

We are wise.

We have seen the sun set and the moon rise on all sides of the planet and we have marveled at the stars lighting up both the northern and southern skies.

We are flexible.

We speak every language and no language fluently.

We are independent.

We aren’t afraid to be entirely alone in the world because we have made friends everywhere we’ve ever been.

We are hilarious.

We have stories you wouldn’t believe and we LIVE to tell them.

We are limitless.

We live in the future and the past, surviving on world clocks and connecting to loved ones via missed notifications during the night.

We are dirty.

Soap is a luxury and food safety is a working theory.

We are cheaters.

We manipulate the system as much as possible so that work is play and life is a grand adventure.

We are tired.

We sleep for survival on trains, buses, platforms, floors, bunkbeds and benches.

We are hungry.

We will eat just about anything from anywhere, especially if it’s cheap or free.

We are daring.

We will do the undoable and post about it on Instagram just as soon as we get wifi.

We are festive.

We celebrate, dance, laugh, sing, shout, and drink like no one else.

We are hopelessly discontented.

We live for the high of new experiences in new places and we are never quite satisfied.

We are lovers.

We are alive and drunk on the possibilities of this fleeting moment.

We are together.

We don’t fear strangers and we can connect with almost everyone.

We are transient.

We rarely stay in the same place long and we like it that way.

We are ourselves.

We are different and the same with everyone we encounter.

We are human.

We eat, laugh, cry, and love.


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