Keep on Dreaming

So 2015 is well on it’s way, January is almost over. Can you believe it? Maybe you had some ideas and goals at the beginning of the month that seem impossible today. Maybe you worked hard for something and it didn’t happen for you. I know things for me seem wildly different today than they did just a few weeks ago. A lot of things haven’t been working out the way I thought I wanted them to.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve applied to so many jobs thinking “I would be perfect for that” and I came close to getting an internship in Berlin only to get passed over for a native speaker of Italian, which for all my hard work, was extremely frustrating. I have had more than a few setbacks and a lot of times I feel really trapped in circumstances I don’t prefer.

Winter can be hard. To be honest, I haven’t felt very inspired lately and I don’t feel like I have anything much worth saying. But, for whatever it’s worth, I tell myself to keep going. Like every other year before it, this January will end and so will winter. There are great things to be grateful for and great things to look forward to.

I try to keep the majority of my blog posts as positive as possible, but honestly my mental state doesn’t always fit in with the highlight reel of my social media postable moments. I just turned 25, I’m living with my parents trying to save money, and all in all, my life isn’t so glamorous right now. This quarter-life crisis is killing me!

I’m learning to be patient and to be humbled by my experiences. Most days, I spend my free time with this adorable, farting Golden Retriever. It’s not ideal, but it’s not everything either. I have friends around the world and I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s. But sometimes, it’s really hard to be 25 and look around and feel like every else has got it more together than you and to feel like you’re living in utter uncertainty.

Like my wonderful friends, I’m working hard towards some goals I have for the future and for the long-term. I’m looking forward, and I know great things are still to come. I’ll keep trying for things and I’ll keep failing and then I’ll try some more. I’ll keep loving people and I’ll be disappointed and have more heartbreak and then I’ll love again. I’ll keep dreaming because I’d rather have dreams that don’t come true than to never dream at all.

One thought on “Keep on Dreaming

  1. Well your golden retriever looks like a wonderful companion. You’ll find something and it’ll something probably unexpected but exactly what you need. It takes a lot of failure before you succeed. And do as much research as you can on self branding.

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