The Expat Experience (in 5 minutes or less)

Expatriation is a lot of things- it’s not all playtime with elephants and spicy street foods. Sometimes it’s getting slapped and scolded by a Korean grandma while naked, drunk, and afraid in the tub of a jjimjilbang (traditional bathhouse) at 4 in the morning. Sometimes, it’s roasting a disjointed turkey in toaster ovens for Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s feeling alone on a level that’s deeper than lonely–like there’s no place in the world you truly belong. It’s not always love at first sight at the DMZ, but when it is, it’s sure to be at least as interesting as passing out while making out in the street.

If you’ve ever wondered how it really feels to be an expat, but were put off by my previous wordy and seemingly interminable posts- watch this clip. In less than 3 and a half minutes, I guarantee you will have a more profound understanding of the expat experience.

p.s. Thanks Lost Laowai for a great article reminding me of the culture shock I’ve been through and am about to experience again!

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