LIFE is the Adventure!

This is my first Autumn back in the United States in a few years. I love this season as much as the next person for various reasons- although I can’t express how ridiculously overrated I think pumpkin spice lattes are. I’ve only been back a few weeks, but the reverse culture shock has been more than I anticipated. I’m trying to readjust to living with my family, deal with living in America, and trying to figure out the next step in life! To be honest, some days I struggle a lot.

Many of the friends I made from the past year are still on wild adventures: some are still in Korea, others are traveling all over Southeast Asia and one is starting a new life and job in Hong Kong. Coming back to Toledo felt like my adventure was over and that now my life was so much less “instagrammable”- don’t judge, it’s basically a word now. But the thing I’ve realized, or decided rather, is that life is the adventure.

For the first time ever, I am neither a student nor an employee. While I am not planning on being without occupation forever- in fact I’d really like some responses to the emails I’m sending daily into the internet abyss- these life circumstances are not who I am. My job does not define me or justify how I use my time or determine how interested I am allowed to be in my own life.

In the absence of being able to introduce myself as Christine, student at the Ohio State University, or Christine, an English teacher in Korea, etc; I now have to figure out how to fill the space after I say my name.

Our greatest adventure is not restricted to travel, it is discovering who we are and then deciding what to do with that information. LIFE is the adventure. And now it’s time to make apple pie!

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