The Resume of Real Life: Why Traveling is the Most Valuable Part of Your Resume (Guru: Christine Crews)

The Study Abroad Guru

Living and traveling abroad will inevitably teach you various invaluable life lessons. You learn how to avoid the doorman who keeps catching you throwing your trash in the incorrect bin because you can’t read the sign. You learn that navigating the transit system of a bustling Asian metropolis is a delicate balance of asserting your personal space and ultimately giving up and realizing that the very notion is null.

Back in North America, the arguable practicality of some of these skills varies tremendously and they are sometimes notably difficult to transcribe into impressive resume phrases….

Christine Crews, American

  • Avoided dengue fever and numerous marriage proposals in rural Peru
  • Navigated to Versailles with the help of a serendipitous friendship in Paris
  • Procured a pseudo-safe place to sleep when a drug bust on the Swiss-Italian border led to an unplanned overnight in Milan
  • Survived the first months as a teacher in South…

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