Liebster Blogger Award Nomination!

Unsavvy Travels has been nominated for the Liebster Award! Coming up on about one year of blogging, I’m thrilled at the support of new followers and fellow bloggers. Big thanks to The Gastro Globetrotter @gastro_trotter for the nomination for the Liebster Award, which recognizes new bloggers and is a great way to help promote other blogs!Liebster Award


1. Do you feel your efforts have been recognized as a new blogger on receipt of this award?

As a newbie to the travel blogging sphere, I feel grateful and honored! Cheers to writers!

  1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be as a grown up?

When I was a kid, when I wasn’t reading or cleaning up a scraped knee, I actually dreamed of being a veterinarian and maybe also a Bond girl.

  1. Why did you become a blogger?

I originally started blogging to document my experiences for myself and for my family and friends. After moving abroad, blogging became more of an outlet for my frustrations with culture shock. The solidarity I felt with my fledgling community of readers encouraged me to keep writing.

  1. If there were one place in the world where you would live, where would it be and why?

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would want it to be a quiet place surrounded by nature—mountains or ocean or both. Although I’ve lived my whole life in cities, I always pictured myself living in a place with wide open spaces so there would be room to breathe and think.

  1. How do you finance your travelling?

In addition to the generous help of my parents, I funded my study abroad in college primarily with student loans and a small scholarship. Now, I’m working abroad as an English teacher so I guess you could say I’m a big kid finally paying for things on my own.

  1. What do you dislike about blogging?

I dislike my own bad habit of posting a new article and then obsessively checking the site stats to see how many people have read it. I always write a post from my heart and then the second it hits the internet, I wonder if anyone else will like it.

  1. Do you read other peoples blogs or just swipe through and comment for links?

I only spend time reading blogs that I enjoy the writing or that post about curious content. I look for quality over quantity as in most things.

  1. What is the most unusual thing you always bring on your travels?

I don’t really have anything unusual that I always bring with me. I grew up with an over-prepared mother and somehow became a brashly confident under-packer. I call it “The Versatility Challenge”, which generally means I end up being the girl wearing the same t-shirt 4 days in a row. Whoops!

  1. What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten?

One of the strangest things I’ve eaten has got to be guinea pig or Cuy chactado. Some of the local Peruvian women we met in the villages in the Andes mountains were kind enough to prepare us this delicacy. Hours before eating, I played with the children in the hut as the guinea pigs ran around free on the dirt floor. In the end it was delicious!

10. What is your favorite cuisine in the world?

My favorite cuisine in the world is currently Korean food. I’m currently trying to get as much of it as possible before I leave at the end of August; more samgyeopsal, kimbap and bibimbap– juseyo.

11. What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is classically Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, however I died laughing reading The Unsavvy Traveler, which inspired a lot of my blog. I am drawn to the raw, quality writing that doesn’t put on airs of formality yet doesn’t read like a bland diary. Keep it real!


Liebster’s means “Dearest” in German language and this award is awarded by Bloggers to the deserving new blogs as a recognition. New blogs are categorized as the blogs which have fewer than 500 followers.



Write a blog post:-

1. Thanking the blogger who nominated you for the Liebster Award with a link back to his or her blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator asks you.

3. Nominate 5 – 11 bloggers of your own, with under 500 followers, whom you think are awesome and deserving of this honor.

4. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

5. Display the Liebster Award logo on your page.

6. List these rules (1-6) in your post.

Unsavvy Travels’ Nominees:

  1. @TheSAGuru //
  2. @jessie_smithh //
  3. @WatchMeWander //
  4. @bittenescapes //
  5. @tuneupandtravel //

Unsavvy Travels’ Questions:

Here are your questions, write up!

  1. How did you get started blogging and traveling?
  2. What is the number one reason anyone should travel?
  3. What was your worst moment traveling and what did you learn from it?
  4. What has been your most defining experience with culture shock?
  5. Where would you travel right now if the trip were completely free and why?
  6. What is your favorite travel story?
  7. Where is your favorite place in the world that you want all of your friends to see?
  8. What is your best hostel story?
  9. What do you think is the difference between a traveler and a tourist?
  10. What is the scariest place you’ve been in the world?
  11. Where do you call home and why?

Looking forward to hearing your answers. Tweet when you are done!

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