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Studying abroad gave me the confidence and capability to to move abroad and pursue my passions. There is no greater way to pay it forward as a traveler than to help fund an opportunity for someone else to do the same: to travel outside of their continent and comfort zone and to experience life from a different perspective. Join me in supporting this connection and use this as a way to reflect on why you are passionate about travel and who helped you get to where you are today.

The Study Abroad Guru

Studying Abroad is expensive. We know that. For some people is rather impossible.

This summer I am lucky to have the chance of doing it again, this time in Thailand. Instead of spending my vacation time, laying at the beach, I decided to invest it in what I consider a personal and professional growth adventure to regenerate the essence of what I do for a living.
It is an adventure to the unexpected while my hope is to discover or measure what actually is my comfort zone; if there is one. Since I have had the ‘privilege’ of living all my life in the Western hemisphere, Thailand represents something completely foreign to me and I am eagerly looking forward to throw myself into it.

The Institute of South East Asian Affairs (ISEAA, Chiang Mai) and Siena Italian Studies (SIS, Siena) are working together to create a student exchange program…

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