The report cards I would write

2014-02-28 14.20.49

Today marks the last day of my first semester teaching English in Korea. It’s hard to believe it will be my last day with some of the sweetest, orneriest, and fascinating little humans.

My Deer class will forever have a place in my heart as the little stinkers that never gave up asking me how many boyfriends I have and for being the incredibly smart little stinkers they are. I’m glad Su Hwan is finally getting that second front tooth to grow in. Sae Young, I hope you never stop drawing and Woo Jin, you’ll be a great magician someday, just don’t throw any more erasers at your teachers, please. And if Yu Min and Seung Min don’t get married someday, I don’t know what will come of the world although Seung Min’s got some heavy competition with Yu Min’s 5 handsome boyfriends.

And my Unicorn class can make me smile and laugh even on days when nothing seems right. Monday Game Day, Wednesday Monster/Animal Day and Friday Dance Days will always be special. Tae Heon, I’m sorry you never like my T-rex drawings, I think they’re pretty spot on. Song Hee, I hope you can stay awake in class in the future, but please don’t ever stop wearing those bunny rabbit bows in your hair.

Vicuna class, you hooligans. All 8 of those rambunctious boys sure did keep me on my toes all semester and even if you now know me as, “Sit down girl”, I’m glad for our rock paper scissors tournaments and for Vocabulary Power. Next semester, really “LEAVE THE BOOKS” when they come to class and stop making so much fun of Chang Min, he just farts a lot, ok??

Reo Won, Min Jeong, Jae Hyun– you are the most talented young writers and it was sincerely a challenge and a treat to teach you all. Don’t worry so much about writing perfectly or following all the rules, you are more brilliant than you believe.

Oh Hungry hungry Hee Jin and Moon Boots Tae Hyung- you may have not learned so much English from me this year, but you sure did cut me to the quick and talking with you and watching you negotiate language was truly special. Hee Jin, keep watching movies, drawing and being curious. Tae Hyung- YES!

Jeong Won – you punk. You gave me SUCH a hard time and I’m pretty sure I went through more teasing and taunting with you in my class than I ever endured in middle school and high school combined.

Jun Young- you are a brilliant and talented student. I confess that I taught you probably 100% more Italian words than English words this semester, but it was worth it. Stop playing so many video games and keep learning languages because you’re so so smart. All the times you thought you were being sneaky and manipulating me to talk about tangents, I knew it all along and I welcomed it. Talking about life and America and travel and culture with you was great. And Ji Woo is the queen, no one better get in her way cause she just rules.

Soo Kyung- you probably taught me the most of any of my students. You made my life EXTREMELY difficult and you called me every bad name in the book, you purposely set out each day to torture and humiliate me and hurtled every thinkable insult my way. I’ve never been so attacked personally by anyone before, but I made it through and by the end of our time together, every day I was happy. I walked in and out of our class smiling and telling you you were my favorite student. I know you are a troubled girl and that puberty is literally the worst. You didn’t need to be so mean to me, but I’m glad that you gave me the thick skin I now have. I hope for good things for you and I’m glad I learned to fight ferocity with kindness.

To all the rest, learning a foreign language is incredibly tough, you are just kids and sometimes you’re extremely lazy, but I’m proud of you regardless. Be good and thanks for letting me be your teacher.

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