Why Americans Don’t Travel Overseas

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We’ve all heard the depressing statistic that only 36% of Americans own a passport. That’s really low (about 70% of Australians and 70% of Brits hold a passport) and though that number has been ris…

Christine Crews‘s insight:

As a part of what I hope will turn into a series of posts on the topic of cultural immersion, I am beginning to explore the perceptions and effects of the expat community. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in America to come across a wide variety of people who reinforce these same erroneous and archaic arguments against travelling outside of the States. If there’s one thing I hope to communicate through this blog, it would be that I strongly hold to the opinion that everyone can benefit from a cultural immersion experience abroad. Perhaps the most salient point of the article is that America has played a major role in creating this globalized world of which it is so ignorant and afraid. However, I believe that it is possible for Americans to radically reverse this trend. So, instead of a fatalistic statement that nothing will ever change; this is my dare to you, Americans and otherwise, to travel and to change. It is my beliefe that anyone has the power to become a well-informed traveler and that everyone can benefit from cultural immersion. 

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